About Our Brand

Our Mission:

We at ERIS are a team of motivated college individuals that want to create and innovate on fitness apparel. We felt that most large-name gym-wear was bland and didn't have enough meaning coupled with the modern aesthetic. Other brands that have the "modern aesthetic" of fashion and apparel often end up being inaccessible for the average college student. Our branded designs, coupled with our accessible order values, are what sets ERIS apart. Stationed out of East Lansing, MI, we want to revolutionize and build-off of what aesthetic apparel is, and what it can be.

Behind our Brand and Logo:

The Circle around the letter "E", is the to-scale size of Earth compared to the moon Eris, which is the small circle in the letter "S". Eris is also the goddess of war, and chaos. With the logo, and the majority of our apparel options being in black and white, it ties in the yin-yang aesthetic of balance, as without it, it leads to chaos. Our collections personify the different lengths we can reach with our creative, minimalist, and sleek designs. Our secondary logo consists of the same celestial bodies in the primary logo, combined together.

The Meaning Behind our Clothing Collections:

Our Collections all have inspiration created from the niche of our brand, ranging from our minimalist embroidered designs to our highly customized screen printed designs. ERIS is a brand that revolves around Greek Mythology, as well as the vast expanse of the cosmos. Be sure to check out our descriptions within each respective collections tab. Each collection is made specifically with a theme and meaning behind it, and we're excited to discover the limitless options that ERIS can bring not only you, but us.